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Native .btc Domains
.btc domains, coming to your bitcoin wallets
Shop .btc domains on BRC App, via iPhones, Android phones, and Desktop. Get them minted on your bitcoin address Q2-Q3 2024.
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Trading with BTC
Trade .btc domains and track portfolio
Domains are digital real estate. Track your portfolio, acquire, list, and sell your .btc domains on BRC App.
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BTC in commerce
BRC App enables BTC use in commerce
Trade with the only real currency, and convert your domain portfolio to BTC in BRC App.
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Market Intelligence
Analyze advanced price & volume data
.btc domains is a quickly growing and expanding asset class, yet data is currently limited. BRC App changes this.
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Domain Marketplace
BRC App enables trading BRC NFTs
Trade NFT domains on BRC with BTC and fiat. Buy in bulk or filter out based on your preferences, put up offers, or list your own domains for sale.
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Get, trade & showcase .btc domains


Holders of .btc domains will be rewarded with a BRC App airdrop. Reserve your interest for the app to catch your favorite domain name!

BRC App makes tokens and products accessible in a simple app available on App Store and Play Store for peak retail access.

All BRC tokens, market data, launches, and more available in one place.
Average return on rare ETH domains
Transaction volume on web3 domains

Download the only app you need to enter the booming BRC ecosystem.

Set up with Face or Fingerprint ID
Get your unique .btc domain
Transact BRC-20 Ecosystem Tokens
Interact with blockchain apps built on Bitcoin
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Easily accessible to the BRC community, Bitcoin community, and wider retail.
Be an early owner of a new asset class, built on the biggest blockchain: Bitcoin.
Set up a web3 account using your web 2 credentials.
.btc domains primed for retail adoption: available for Apple, Android, and Desktop users.
Easy fiat-enabled marketplace to acquire, store, and trade domains on Bitcoin.
The true .btc domains, coming directly to your bitcoin wallets.

The BRC App Token: $BRCT

The BRCT Token births the commercial boom of .btc domains and the BRC20 ecosystem. One token to access all BRC ecosystem.
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