Team of
Yaroslav Melnyk
Technology Lead
Yaroslav has a track record of working in the computer software industry, having lead teams in companies such as RocketRoute ON24, DataArt and Relevant Software.
Guillermo Bascu
Smart Contracts Lead
Guillermo is a solidity and full-stack software engineer with 6 years of experience across web3, academic and financial industries. He has a Master’s Degree in Blockchain Technologies from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya.
Filip Jovanović
Product Lead
Filip runs product & user experience, learning from his experience at Facebook Product Team. He designs user onboarding strategies & in-app experience.
Milos Popov
Engineering Lead
Milos leadership & engineering background comes from the top tech startups in his country - Qualysoft and Tnation, where he took care of secure backends.

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