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BRC App is the gateway app to .btc domains, launchpad, commerce, gaming, insights, NFTs, and trading.
BRC App is running an airdrop to the users of our app for Bitcoin Ecosystem.
To participate, users need to register on our web or mobile app and collect points.
Users that invite friends and receive points get allocated $BRCT tokens, launching in January.

Every BRC Product in One App

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Native .btc Domains
.btc domains, coming to your bitcoin wallets
Shop .btc domains on BRC App, via iPhones, Android phones, and Desktop. Get them minted on your bitcoin address Q2-Q3 2024.
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Trading with BTC
Trade .btc domains and track portfolio
Domains are digital real estate. Track your portfolio, acquire, list, and sell your .btc domains on BRC App.
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BTC in commerce
BRC App enables BTC use in commerce
Trade with the only real currency, and convert your domain portfolio to BTC in BRC App.
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Market Intelligence
Analyze advanced price & volume data
.btc domains is a quickly growing and expanding asset class, yet data is currently limited. BRC App changes this.
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Domain Marketplace
BRC App enables trading BRC NFTs
Trade NFT domains on BRC with BTC and fiat. Buy in bulk or filter out based on your preferences, put up offers, or list your own domains for sale.
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Level Up Your BRC-20 Ecosystem Experience

99% Cannot Access BTC Ecosystem
BRC is the greatest opportunity of the crypto market. 99.9% cannot participate. It's too complex - but not anymore. BRC App is a single app that makes it easy.
1 App, 6 Must-Have BRC20 Products
BRC App is building a mobile application for the Bitcoin ecosystem, spread across 6 different products. The products are deployed on the Bitcoin blockchain network.
Access the Ecosystem on the Best-Performing Asset Class
Since inception, Bitcoin has outperformed every single alternative asset class on earth, reaching peak market capitalization of over $1 trillion.

Start Your Journey on BRC

BRC App Built on Solid Foundations: Business Model

Transaction Fees
The protocol generates BTC fees from app’s payments. BTC as network fee greatly accessible, and truly decentralied.
Domain Mints
BRC App provides .btc wallet domains on the native Bitcoin chain, through imprints on Satoshis. In this way, BRC App turns .btc domains into commercially capable websites.
Domain Renewals
Domains are subscriptions, and hence require an annual renewal. They can alternate be purchased permanently through a “net present value” calculation.
Certain .btc domains may already be purchased but sought after by new buyers. BRC App provides a specialized concierge service to broker such arrangements.
A .btc wallet domain can be used for purely transactional purposes, or also for commercial purposes such as a website. BRC App provides the first-ever solutions to turn wallet domains into functional websites.
App Builder
BRC App offers proprietary technology to turn Bitcoin wallet addresses into brand names for functional mobile apps and websites.

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